Dear Writer,

This is an ongoing writing group for cancer patients and survivors. This group was created to help us express ourselves, listen to others, and acquire compassion for ourselves and each other, as we heal our bodies and minds. The practice of writing is healing. We are hardwired for story.

This work is ongoing and never-ending.

This work can be soft, and it can be perilously rugged. The healing occurs when we stay in the process, feel what we are feeling, express what is there and be present for the group. There are times when you might feel like not coming, or not writing or not talking, but I encourage you to push through those feelings and just be here exactly how you are. We try to start on time and end on time, but you know how that goes.

The group can get raw and deeply emotional and it can get scary at times. Please, always express where you are at emotionally. We won’t try to change that, but change can occur when we speak honestly and share our truth.

Writing is scary. Sharing our writing is scary. Having cancer is scary. You might as well breakthrough by putting words on the page and using your voice to share. Reading your work is not mandatory and if it is hard, we encourage you to gently allow yourself to emerge as the writer and reader that you are.

“With love and ferocity,”

-Athena Rose


Confidentiality – I do not record or write down anything that happens in the group except that you were in attendance. I request when sharing about the group, you not use people’s names with specific topics. You hold you own confidentiality and that of the group.

Compassion – Please be compassionate with yourself. It is a heroic step to take your experience in your own hands.

Take your time – We are sometimes competing with the clock and often the writing is timed as to stay within our allotted time in this sacred space, but please take your time. If you want to write more, make a note to yourself and you can always pass when it is your turn to read or saying “give me a minute, please” is totally okay. 

Questions – Please ask any questions you might have either to the group or to me or BGHP Staff.

Please contact the Breast & GYN Health Project for more information about joining our monthly online meetings: (707) 825-8345 or email: