When you don’t have time to read through the discussion or when you need some instant writing inspiration..

Write your preferred name in the center of your page. Make it as large or small as you feel necessary. Fill in the surrounding area with words or symbols that describe who you are.

Are you a survivor? And you are so much more…strong, fierce, resilient. Are you a bookworm? Do you live for the outdoors? Are you a mother, a lover, a friend of someone? Be honest; do not judge or make excuses, let the descriptors flow onto the page. When you are done, fold this page in half and keep it in your journal to return to it when you feel like you are losing a sense of yourself.

When do you feel authentic? Is there something that you do that makes you most authentic? Describe the last time you were your authentic self. Were you challenged to speak up for yourself and set boundaries? What makes you feel grounded in your core values?